Desk station mixer with USB sound card, ext hybrid, RJ9 insert


This device consist of a mini sound mixer and monitor, intended to record and play sound data on a PC using the USB port. The product innovative aspect is highly-rated ergonomic with just the necessary and sufficient functions.
A journalist equipped with PJO300, one headset and a portable computer, is able to finalise a report and send it to the studio using the Web. It is also possible to produce a column or a program at home without jamming a studio.


  • One balanced microphone input with phantom supply, input level setting, volume using VCA.
  • One embedded telephone hybrid input.
  • Both input reinjection to the sound card using REC illuminated switch.
  • Separate record headphone monitoring, allowing to listen a sound while recording only a voice.
  • Balanced insert on microphone, allowing sound processing connection.
  • Output level limiter to avoid sound card digital saturation.
  • As it complies USB Audio 1.0 specification, PJO300 does not require a driver.
2.00 Kg
Pupitre / Desk
160 x 169 x 60 mm

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