35 year expertise
We manufacture audio professional products since 1985. Dealing with us, you benefit from a 35 year expertise in technical and sound performances.
  A humanscale company
At Rami's, we won't make you wait for weeks and never get to talk to the right person. You have a single contact. He is well-acquainted with our products, and will know who you are.
100 % Made in France
From design to sales, our products are made in France, a high quality standard. We guarantee technical and robust products.
Big companies trust us
They are demanding. They chose us and keep doing it : RFI, Nostalgie, Sony, Avid...
  We respect our customers
Whether you're a small or big company, based in France or abroad, we will make no difference. We treat all our customers in a fair fashion. We guarantee an honest, accurate and clear information. Our long-term existence and growth depend on your satisfaction. Providing you a first-rate service is our interest.
  Cutting-edge technology and products
A research & development section, as well as a technical service tuned to you, allow us to have high technology products and to design materials which can meet your requirements.
3 year warranty
All our products come with a 3 year parts and labour warranty. Our equipments are designed to last, buying it is a safe investment
No unpleasant surprise
Our products match exactly their description. We guarantee an honest, accurate and clear information. No nasty surprise.
Know-how tailored to your business ideas
Our priority is to keep up with our customers' evolution, in order to offer you a product that always meets your specific needs. Our qualified advisers are on hand to advise you in choosing the equipment that suits you. We can also offer tailor-made products.

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