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Archives - Work station mixer with USB audio port


This device is a mixing console including monitoring, able to record and play sounds from a personal computer using USB port.


  • One balanced microphone input with very low noice preamplifier, input level adjust, loud and treble control, low cut filter, VCA for level control
  • One audio input trough the included digital sound device with loud and treble control, and VCA for level control
  • One auxiliary balanced input with volume control, to feed an external source (digital recorder,mini disk, codec …)
  • All tree inputs are sent to the digital sound device using the REC switch, lit on.
  • Headphone monitoring, different from record output, allowing listening to a sound while recording the voice.
  • Direct access to the auxiliary monitoring.
  • Monitor output to connect an external powered loud speaker with level setting and mono/stereo switching. Switched off monitor output possible by the microphone.
  • Possibility to insert a voice processor on left right output and microphone chain using symmetrical connection.
  • Embedded talkback microphone with balanced 4 wires send/return.
  • Return talkback adjust.
  • Peakmeter for record level control.
  • Output limiter to avoid any overload of the digital sound device.
  • PJO555, thanks to the USB audio 1.0 port does not require any driver on the computer.
  • This equipment from RAMI takes profit of partnership with the DIGIGRAM company for use of their sound device UAX220.
3.00 Kg
Pupitre / Desk
194 x 168 x 68 mm

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