Analog desk


PRF60 a desktop or slot in case, features an headphones amplifier, switches for remote control, and one ON AIR light.


  • Two headphones connectors, and level, designed for connection to a remote amplifier. Level control is a linear potentiometer for VCA control such as AMC620.
  • Two fugitive push buttons to send a dry loop or a voltage.
  • These buttons lights are intended to be connected to an external machine (such as ART864). Light control uses a dry loop or a voltage at the user choice.
  • ON AIR light, controlled either by a dry loop or a voltage at the user's choice.



  • PRF60 B1: passive desktop.
  • PRF60 E1: slot in passive.
1.00 Kg
Pupitre / Desk
115 x 130 x 45 mm

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