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PRF 60 MK2 features:

  • Right /Left balanced input.
  • One embedded headphone amplifier, with to 1/4" outputs.
  • Adjustable limiter to control acoustic pressure (can be disabled).
  • Balanced order input. When receiving order, right/left input signal is 22 dB faded. Order and associated fade can be used on both right/left ears, or left or right ear only.
  • Talkback detection can arise from an external loop, or talkback level detection (from -30dBu to - 6dBu)
  • Four fugitive keys configurable as dry loop or voltage output.
  • The key warnings are intend to be connected to an external automaton like ART864. Warning switch on uses dry loop or voltage.
  • ON AIR warning working with dry loop or voltage.



  • PRF60 MK2 B2: MK2 desktop.
  • PRF60 MK2 E2: MK2 fitted desk.

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