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Remote site supervisor


ODM808 features all the necessary devices for supervision of remote broadcasting sites, or to check the audio presence on FM. ODM808 is a 19", 1 U unit.

ODM808 features:

  • 8 digital inputs (opto coupleur). They can be used as loop input or voltage input (3 to 24V).
  • 8 analog inputs (Voltage input 0Vdc to 10Vdc)
  • 8 digital outputs (mos-optocoupler). They can be used as loop  or voltage output. This very recent device features all the dry loop benefit, avoiding mechanical wear
  • 1 front panel USB port allowing to reload default IP adress (192,168,0,96) or equipment update.

An optional cellular modem, is used to send alarms to pre recorded numbers. Alarms can be routed to specific numbers according to their origin. The modem allows to receive remote control for external devices. The remote control can be used only by authorized telephone numbers. The remote control access  can be defined for each calling numbers.

ODM808 status, can be verified by SMS. On request it sends a SMS including its status.

ODM808 features a one hour backup, using a battery, refilled during transmit or receive. This is very useful in case of a power supply fail on the site. The power fail activates instantaneous SMS transmission
An other SMS is sent on power recovery.
ODM808 features an ethernet port to connect on a local area network. All settings use the embedded web server. Therefore OMD808 can be set using a PC whatever operating system. Input status can be displayed via web browser, and it is also possible to switch the outputs
ODM808T features an optional FM tuner, to monitor audio channels, left or right.
Audio balanced output is available on a rear panel Sub D. Audio is also monitored using a cellular phone.

Audio signal loss threshold and duration are SMS remotely controlled. This is very useful when the equipment is distant.

When ODM808T is far from the transmitter, the battery back up allows to send a SMS because of a power fail, inevitably followed by the loss of signal reception on the tuner, after battery discharge.


ODM808 is available in 2 versions:

  • ODM808 G      : Device for supervision with IP + GSM + battery backup
  • ODM808 GT 01: Device for supervision with IP  + GSM + tuner + battery backup

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