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Archives - AES/EBU or S-PDIF 2 channel autofader


AUF500 is a digital audio mixer, which allows to switch between 2 sources AES/EBU with automatic fading.
This mixing is carried out via a synchronisation with channel A, in a continuous time shift.

  • The “Channel B” can be analog or digital format
  • The gain is adjustable in all digital or analog inputs
  • Transition mixing times are adjustable
  • When no power supply bypass from channel A to digital output

The passage from one channel to another can be executed on various operating modes (Manual / Auto) as following:

  • Automatic: The presence of the modulation on the channel B, automaticly opens this channel and disconnects the channel A
  • Manual: The switching from the channel A to the channel B is executed by an external remote control. The return to the channel A carries out by the opening of the loop.
  • Automatic or manual: Only one of both previous conditions needs to be fulfilled
  • Automatic and manual: Two previous conditions need to be fulfilled. It means that : the presence of the modulation on the channel B and the closing of the external loop.



  • Advertisement insertion down stream from the digital mixing desks.
  • Advertisements and recognition jingles mixing with an unconnected musical program received via satellite digitaly.
  • Mixing between digital and analog sources (analog input for channel B is optional)
  • Remote control insertion of local programs into national programs.
4.00 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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