Soundweb London interface


The ISL874 is an interface for the audio processing rack BSS Soundweb London housing. It determines the GPI/GPO  of Soundweb London and allows direct connection of a speaker desk PRF55 (4 Lighted push buttons, 2 potentiometers, 1 led).

- Inputs:

The Soundweb London has 12 GPI. These universal inputs can receive loops (digital inputs) or potentiometer (analog inputs). The first inputs (8) receive loops, the other inputs (4) receive potentiometers or loops.

The interface ISL864 the first 8 loops with :

  • A ART864-IN card or the inputs of two ART864 -M cards allowing to benefit from all the facilities operating of these cards.
  • The 4 BP of a speaker desk PRF55 (connection to a D-sub connector 37 points). An array of jumpers 12x8 coding to assign the 12 digital inputs of the first 8 ISL874 GPI of Soundweb London. The last 4 GPI of Soundweb London will receive either the two potentiometers of PRF55 speaker desk, or an interface on a Sub -D15 iconfigurable in inputs loops or potentiometers. Attention, it is not possible to use the PRF55 speaker desk potentiometers and this interface simultaneously.

- Entry Headphones:

Headphone input is provided on ISL864 headphone sockets to power the console speaker PRF55.

- Outputs:

The Soundweb London has 6 digital outputs (TTL level ) and a watchdog output on optocoupler. ISL874 interface logic signals to these:

• A ART864 -OUT or the outputs of two or ART864 -M cards allowing to benefit from the facilities operating of these cards.
• The control panel 5 LEDs of speaker desk PRF55. Matrix jumpers 7x13 coding to assign the 7 logic outputs of Soundweb London to 13 ISL874 outputs.

The ISL874 has a supply voltage of 24 volts for the lights on the console speaker PRF55 and for ART864 or ART864 -OUT -M cards. This power supply is also available on the rear panel to power accessories.

2.00 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230mm

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