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PRS100 is a talkback desk with 4 wires. It allows:

  • To receive orders on a loudspeaker or headphone (pluging headphone, cut off the loudspeaker). Amplifier and loudspeaker  are  enough powerfull to allow a perfect intelligibility. It is also possible to use an external loudspeaker. Transformer balanced input on XLR. A warning shows incomming order by audio detection.
  • To send orders from the microphone (front panel XLR with phantom supply) to a transformer balanced output on XLR. The microphone level is adjustable (peak led) and a limter avoids any input saturation. An adjustable dimmer reduces the loudspeaker output,during the sending order. A switch at the rear copy input to output allowing to chain several PRS100.
  • Unit can be powered from the mains or a 12V battery.

Some other talk back desks are available, referenced PRS200, PRC100.

3.00 Kg
Pupitre / Desk
207 x 223,5 x 76 mm

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