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TSM300 is a total microphone sound processor developed for a Broadcast using (radio, television...). It’s equipped with the complete collection of audio processing necessary for a micro processing. All parameters can be saved, after the modifications, which permit an easier recall. Each animator or journalist can quickly have direct access to an individual and personalized configuration established according to his vocal characteristics.
The adjustment of below different parameters is executed either with the help of a coding wheel associated with a screen, or the aid of a control software by RS232 link (in option). In the case, you can adjust up to 16 devices:

  • Input sensitivity.
  • Phase inversion.
  • Low cut filter.
  • Bass and treble equalizer.
  • Semi-parametric middle equalizer.
  • Equalizer Bypass.
  • Noise gate with threshold.
  • Compressor including threshold, ratio, attack and release times, and  output gain.
  • Final limiter with threshold.

A bargraphs collection permits the visualisation of the output peak level, the gain reduce due to the compressor, the noise gate and limiter activating, and the input clipping.
Big quality microphone input is designed with a powerful transistor architecture and is equipped with a switchable 48 Volts phantom supply. The input can be used with line level, this special function is planned to insert modulation in line inputs or sub-groups of mixing consoles.

TSM300 has 2 symmetrical outputs A and B (line level) designed for sending to 2 different studios. The bypass of audio processing on the output B allows user to have simultaneously a processed output and a clear output. A sub-D remote control input permits, the alternatively activation of the A or B output,once it’s connected . An application could be substituted the modulation between A output (antenna) and B output (order network) with a simple switch.

3.80 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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