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VGA404 is a video 4X4 patch. It allows to send a VGA video signal to one of the 4 available outputs. Each output is associated to one input. One or more outputs can be associated to the same input. A full remote control allows to set the VGA 404 remotely:

- Pulse mode, using a transitory remote signal, allows to choose an input and send it to the associated output.

- Hold mode:

  •  Closed loop: select the patch mode
  •  Open loop: a default configuration is enabled. It is user defined. It is programmable.

- RS232 Mode.

A front panel keybord allows to set a configuration and to save it for further use.

VGA 404 features 4 memories in a “total recall” design. The key board selects the desired memory. VGA404 comes back to the last configuration after a power cut.



  • Distribution of composite video signals , S-vidéo (Y/C), RVB.
  • Amplification of video signals.
  • Handling of different video signals at the same time.
3.60 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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