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Archives - AES/EBU or S-PDIF no-modulation detection with save input and relays


CSS101 is designed for continously controlling a digital stereo audio signal. A problem, on its main input will cause the automatic swing on a save digital signal. Of course, CSS101 swings back automatically on the main signal when all problems are resolved.

The control is made according to different parameters, minimizing the time limit between inputs and outputs. A part monitoring allows to the user even to control at all time inputs and outputs of CSS101.

  • Digital AES/EBU inputs / outputs (transfo balanced).
  • Support Sample Rate up to 96kHz .
  • Parallel control for a minimum delay between input and output.
  • Checks the truth of digital carrier, the sampling frequency, and the connection quality
  • Non-destructive data transmission (index, text,...).
  • Digital Output synchronized on the active input, and synchrone commutation between the main and the save input.
  • CSS101 is able to control both audio level and digital frame.
  • Parameters  edition and infos on an alphanumeric display.
  • Large LED on front panel for an ALARM signialisation - details of errors on display and memorized.
  • Threshold for presence modulation control from  0 to -59 dBFs. (CSS101 detects the audio signal lack)
  • Threshold for clipping control from 0 to -9 dBFs.
  • 4 audio control mode: Left, Right, Left+Right, Left*Right.
  • Control Enable / Disable fonction by remote.
  • ALARM delay from 0 to 99s.
  • Swing back delay from 1 to 99s.
  • All data saved in internal memory during the power off.
  • ALARM outputs by relays loops for external remote.
  • Integrated ByPass between main input and output n°1 during the power off.
  • 2  independant digital audio outputs.
  • Monitoring section: bargraph, headphones with volume control.
  • Stereo analog balanced monitoring output.
3.60 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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