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Analog audio watchdog with SD card


CSS204 is intended to control audio signal presence. Inserted on audio path, CSS204 allows to monitor two balanced stereo audio sources, towards one balanced stereo output. If a problem occurs, CSS204 switches to an internal program (SD card) according to an adjustable delay. Return delay is adjustable too.

On alarm, CSS204 closes several contacts. This can be used to send alarm through remote monitoring such as ODM808

  • The blank level is set in using Dip switches.
  • Monitoring is on right or left channel or both.
  • Recovery time (Reset and Delay)  is the same, and is not alarm type dependant.
  • A test switch, simulates an alarm to check the spare programs availability. Delays are bypassed.
  • A led indicates the alarm state. Blinking on true alarm, continuous on simulation.
  • The monitoring circuits (Bar graph and headphones output) allows audio output monitoring.
  • CSS204 features remote control inputs, allowing to choose the audio to be monitored or to disable alarm.
  • A 19khz filter can be set, when handling MPX signal.
  • Thanks to its design (switching relays) CSS204 has no influence on audio signal (no noise, no distortion) and connects input to output in case of a power fail.



CSS204 would be used in radio broadcasting stations, for example, as a backup to the broadcast in case of the main modulation disconnection. It would preferably be situated at the end of a broacasting installation or just after the satellite receiver for the regional disconnections in local stations.

4.00 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 220 mm

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