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Archives - Tuner with automatic hang on hybrid for Distant FM TX control


ODM300 consists of a FM receiver tuner and a telephone hybrid for monitoring HF emission via the telephone network.
This equipment monitors radio emission beyond the receiver's coverage area.  The lifting of the telephone receiver is automatic and the replacing of the receiver is done via various engaged tones.
Implementation is a simply question of connecting the FM aerial and the telephone line.
Tuner and station control are carried out by lifting the top cover. This cover protects all functions from an accidental maladjustment and only the station display is visible.
ODM300 also has a balanced mono Output channel (tuner return) designed for a telephone standby and a balanced stereo output channel designed for studio tuner return. 

10.00 Kg
2U - 19"
483 x 88 x 400 mm

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