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The VOICE MIX 01 is a control area develop to allow to the user an easy and efficient a interface of some functions associated to broadcasting softwares or professionnal sound cards (mixing, volume control, start/stop…).

Connected by a simple RS232 link, “VOICE MIX 01” allows, thanks to its simple (transmission) protocol, (can be modified on demand) to send a system two order types:

  • On / OFF type
  • Fader position type (128 position)

Associated with a broadcasting software, “VOICE MIX 01” is simple but efficient alternative to both “keyboard and mouse”.



  • Interfacing of broadcasting softwares
  • Interfacing of audio production softwares (mixing,…)
  • Control of parameters associated to professionnal audio cards.
2.20 Kg
Pupitre / Desk
182 x 270 x 65 mm

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