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Archives - Modulation center 16 times 2x1 or 16 times 1x2 connector strips


CDM216 is a relay switching center for modulations or remote control dry loops (2 Unit 19" rack).

It has 16 sections which means it can:

  • Send a modulation or a loop to two different destinations via switching.
  • Select a modulation or a loop among a choice of two.


A LINK feature controls the simultaneous switching from a group of several sections from only one given order.

All the orders are given via removable 3 point terminals whether in a dry loop or under voltage from between 3 to 24 volts.

All the Input and Output channels have removable 3 point terminals.
Two front panel LEDs display the on/off switching of each section.

4.00 Kg
2U - 19"
483 x 88 x 230 mm

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