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CND100 is a digital/analog converter, that converts digital signals from 16 to 24 bits and a sampling rate from 32KHz and 96KHz.

It is equipped with an AES/EBU input on sur Sub-D plug and accepts all professional and semi-professional digital audio standards. 

  • Converter 24 bits / 96 KHz.
  • A  AES/EBU, SPDIF or IEC958 digital source can be converted into a stereo analog audio signal.
  • Oversampling: x 128. 
  • Dynamic range: > 105 dB.
  • Balanced analog outputs on Sub-D plug.
  • External power supply: 24 Volts DC.
  • Especially designed for interfacing PRF60 with digital audio signals.
0.46 Kg

184 x 103 x 37

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