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RDA427 is a 27Hz top decoder in 19” 1 unit rack format. It affords to take the RCA627 coder order out of the modulation and to send a loop in order to start equipments.

  • The level of the top detection is adjustable
  • The top cracking can be selected between in phase and out of phase (in rear panel)
  • Balanced input on XLR
  • Balanced output on XLR
  • The received order can be checked by control display
  • Remote control output: Relays with a dry loop (open and close contact)

For more efficiency, you can complete the RDA427 with the AUF200S equipment. It affords to manage in the same time the mixing and the commutation of the audio programming.

1.90 Kg
1U - 19"
483x44x100 mm

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