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TEL120 is a interface between a  professional headset and a standard telephone set. It uses the handset RJ9  connector. TEL120 will take a telephone use in very noisy environment. It is the perfect device to be used instead of office headsets,  inefficient in terms of ambiant noise cancellation, and listening level. This is why TEL120 uses an external power supply, the one from the telephone line being not powerfull enough. The sensivity control allows to perfect match to working conditions, and volume control providing a maximum comfort to the user.
TEL120 is very often used on TV sets with several users, as for charity programs, to receive live donations.
TEL120 also includes a double balanced line output (receive and send) allowing to broadcast a live telephone call, as it is the case when a VIP takes the line.



  • Telephone call in very noisy conditions.
  • TV set with several operators.
0.50 Kg

135 x 50 x 70 mm

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