Live remote video - Remote video camera by sound of microphones


IMV600 allows automatic ON/OFF video camera by detecting the audio signal of 6 microphones in radio studio environment. This allows during the video broadcasting to automatically switch the camera pointing to the antenna journalist.

Each microphone must be connected to a XLRF input and is taken directly and in parallel on a XLRM towards the console.
The audio level is taken on each probe microphone by a very high impedance input, which does not disturb either the signal, or the phantom power.

The information level of each microphone is given to an external video switcher by IP connection using established protocol. IMV600 does not directly switch the cameras.

Eight GPI inputs and eight outputs GPO interface the start faders of the console so as to exclude the cameras corresponding to micro off channel.

A seventh input is available to connect a micro sensor which will measure the noise level so as to adjust the thresholds of the video switcher according to the soundscape of the studio.


The unit's protocol is provided, and adaptable to most software.

2.30 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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