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5 channel digital watchdog


CSS510-2 is designed to permanently monitor five digital stereo audio signals. Connected as an insert in the digital path, should a problem occur, it allows switching to a spare digital signal, according to a decreasing priority scale, and to come back to the priority source as soon as the problem is cured.

CSS510-2 is able to handle several error types, classified in two groups. The first one analyses the AES /EBU signal : CSS510-2 can detect blanks or saturation (user defined threshold). The second group regards the digital quality: CSS510-2 monitors the digital carrier, the sampling frequency, the path quality. The user defines the necessary checks. Each group controls a dry loop on channel 1. The loop closes on alarm, to start an external equipment.

The monitoring section allows to continuous check of CSS510-2 inputs/outputs. An embedded 96kHz D/A converter delivers an analog signal to the Sub D9 on the rear panel, one headphone output and and bargraph. Thus, monitoring is very efficient.


  • Digital AES/EBU inputs /outputs use transformer.
  • Analog input assignable on one of the 5 inputs.
  • A digital sync input on the rear panel.
  • Management of signals up to 96KHz.
  • Digital audio parallel monitoring, no transfer delay.
  • No alteration of associated data (index, text...).
  • Output synchronized internally or via external sync input.
  • Able to monitor both audio level and digital link.
  • Parameters editing and display using embedded web server.
  • Audio level threshold, ranging from 0 to -60 dBFs.
  • Audio overload threshold ranging from 0 to -12 dBFs.
  • 4 audio monitoring modes : Left, Right, Left and Right, Left or Right.
  • Manual mode, output channel is selected from the front panel or remote control.
  • Automatic bypass input/output in case of power fail. In By-Pass, the continuity of the program is ensured on both outputs by a double transformer
  • "ALARM" delay programmable from 1 to 99s.
  • "RETURN" Delay programmable from 1 to 99s.
  • Outputs "ALARM" on optos-mos (dry loops).
  • 2 independent digital outputs.
  • Monitoring: bargraph, headphone output (24 bit/96KHz D/A converter).
  • Balanced analog stereo monitoring output on Sub-D9.
  • System Log of 200 lines of events.
  • Supervision by SNMP (V2c and V2c Inform).
3.60 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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