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SDI audio silence detector


The CSS300 is a device for continuously monitoring the presence of audio in the AES channels of an SDI link. In the event of a problem, it automatically reads a personalized alarm message on the dedicated audio outputs and generates an SNMP notification. Once the problems are resolved, playback is automatically stopped. The outputs of the alarm signal are in digital and analog format.

  • Balanced analog audio outputs on XLR
  • Digital AES/EBU output on transformer.
  • Alarm message recorded on an internal SD card.
  • Supervision by SNMP (V2c and V2c Inform).
  • System Log of 200 lines of events.
  • A monitoring part allows the user to control AES inputs on headphones and visually on a peak meter.
  • The CSS300 supports SDI SD, HD and 3G formats.
  • Digital carrier monitoring for quality and audio, adjustable from -60dBFs to 0 dBFs. On audio loss CSS300 goes on alarm after adjustable delay.
  • Four audio monitoring modes Left, right, Left + right, left and right.
  • Full management of the unit uses the embedded web server. It keeps record of the last events, of frames informations in real time.
  • A front panel switch recall the factory IP address and a USB port is used for firmware update.



2.90 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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