Broadcast console


Mixing console of very high quality and French manufacture, it is the result of an experience recognized in the professional environment of radio. Its main asset is its very good audio quality. To achieve this perfection, the COMPACT III uses the latest technologies.

All input modules incorporate a VCA (Voltage Control Amplifier): the sound does not cross through the volume potentiometer, nor through the injection switches to the mix busses.

By the multiplicity of analog and digital inputs in different formats, the COMPACT 3 is really the hybrid console sought by all. It allows an easy transition to digital radio while at the same time preserving the current analogue broadcasting.

  • Five balanced microphone channels switchable into five balanced line channels.
  • Four AES / EBU digital channels that can be switched to SPDIF or analog.
  • Four USB  inputs for broadcasting automation.
  • A dedicated USB output for recording the antenna or program 2.
  • A digital  / AES / EBU antenna output and another in analog.
  • Outputs Program 2, Control Room, studio and headphone studio.
  • N-1 management of an external telephone hybrid.
  • USB output for Starts in Midi format.
  • A LAN connection (RJ45) for TCP Starts.
  • A large illuminated remote control ON/OFF button on each input channel.

For perfect control of audio levels, the Compact 3 is equipped with a real measuring tool in the form of IEC 268-10/1 standard digital peak meter. The visualization takes place on a large 7-inch screen.


COMPACT 3 is available in 2 versions:

  • COMPACT 3-02 : Console with Professional faders.
  • COMPACT 3-03 : Console with Performance faders.
13.00 Kg

600 x 455 x 93 mm

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