Headphone Amplifier - DANTE


 Because of its design, this active headphone amplifier is very easily integrable under the studio furnitures, without making cuts on the board.

- Communication is provided by an RJ45 network cable, with both audio information and power (PoE)

- The communication protocol is the DANTE system (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet), developed by Audinate. For further information:

- Nearly 200 manufacturers use this DANTE system in their equipment. The multiple channels are combined by multiplexing before transmission. The audio is uncompressed, the latency is low and can be set by the user. A PC is required to configure the network using the DANTE Controller software. After configuration, the computer can be unplugged.

- The PRF75 D manages 5 DANTE audio channels as input:

  • The left channel for the headphone amplifier
  • The right channel for the headphone amplifier
  • The left channel for audio monitor output
  • The right channel for audio monitor outputTalkback channel for talkacks to phones

- PRF75D is equipped with DANTE Primary port and DANTE Secondary port (Back up).

- The headphone output can be done on the front panel as well as on the rear panel for a possible offset of the headphones.

- Monitor output allows to power a pair of control speakers.

- A backlit switch, allows the ON AIR remote control of the corresponding micro channel of the console. It also activates a mute command on the monitor output through an ASM120D.


Pupitre /Desk
50 x 115 x 155 mm

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