Multifunctional microphone desk with Dante connectivity


The PRT666D is a multifunctional microphone desk with Dante connectivity. It has been studied to answer many uses in mobile or permanent installation.

It includes:

  • A microphone preamp with very low noise and adjustment of the sensitivity. 12 or 48 Volts phantom power.
  • An ON / OFF switch for setting ON AIR with a loop confirmation on GPO opto Mos.
  • An external switching for ON / AIR by GPI.
  • Two switches Talkback 1 and 2 with a confirmation loop on GPO opto coupler.

The communication is provided by an RJ45 network cable, conveying both the audio information and the power supply (PoE).

The communication protocol is the DANTE system (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet), developed by Audinate. For further information:

Nearly 200 manufacturers use this DANTE system in their equipment. The multiple channels are combined by multiplexing before transmission. The audio is uncompressed, the latency is low and can be set by the user. A PC is required to configure the network using the DANTE Controller software. After configuration, the computer can be unplugged.

The PRT666D has a DANTE Primary port and a DANTE Secondary port (Backup).



  • Commentator desk
  • Remote reporter desk in an outdoor event.
  • Antenna simultaneous translation console.

Pupitre / Desk
130 x 150 x 62 mm

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