TEL212 Bluetooth phone hybrid

This equipment interfaces a mixer and a Bluetooth connection to allow the music and microphone modulation to be sent to a correspondent, and to be able to transmit the latter's interventions on the digital or analog sound system.
This equipment also allows you to interface with a 3.5mm jack cable 4 points on a phone equipped with a jack connector.

  •     AES/EBU digital input on SRC.
  •     AES/EBU 48Khz/24bits digital output
  •     Integrated Bluetooth profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP/HSP.
  •     iAP profile support for iOS device discovery.
  •     Wired input AUX.
  •     Bluetooth range:  10m
  •     Bluetooth 3.0, class 2



  • FRT100: Front panel adapter for fitting one “SLIMRACK.”
  • FRT200: Rack 19" 1U front panel adapter for 2 “SLIMRACK” units.
  • FRT300: Cover plate for FRT200.      


1.50 Kg
220 x 44 x 150 mm

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