Analog RJ45 Microphone Preamplifier


The PMI103 is a high-dynamic, professional mic preamplifier. It integrates "very low noise" quality components for perfect sound reproduction.

  • Thanks to the use of discrete transistors in parallel on the input stage, the noise to the input is excellent and to -131 dBu(A).
  • The audio and power supply are provided by an international standard RJ45 cable.
  • An AUX line level balanced output is available on Jack 6.35 on the rear panel.
  • A "PEAK" led indicates saturation.
  • A microphone sensitivity adjustment on the front panel.
  • Integration of phantom power for using static microphones.



Very compact, the PMI103 will naturally find its place, embedded for example in the tables of the "SPEAK" studios, where many microphones are needed for debates or interviews...

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