Mobile reporter-type reporting equipment for motorcycle integration

The LGB605-3 is the new version of the LGB605 adapted to the new constraints and wishes of the operators.


The synoptic resumes from LGB605:

  • Amplification of the microphones of the driver, the journalist and a micro-hand for the interview during the race of sports managers or others. (The microphone inputs are balanced with phantom power and have very low noise stages)
  • Management and amplification for the pilot's and journalist's helmets.
  • Reception of Radio Tour, radio information and details of the race for technical participants.
  • Management in complete multiplex by HF of the connection with the reporting truck located at the finish stage. This connection is made via a helicopter or an airplane located above the race.
  • Multiplex management of a GSM phone for talkback coming from the control room
  • Talkback management between the pilot and the journalist.
  • The central box allows you to adjust all the input and output gains, as well as the choice of switching for both the pilot and the journalist of this or that modulation in the right, left or both ears.
  • A small outdoor speaker with amplifier to broadcast Radio Tour acoustically.


The synoptic + of LGB605-3:

  • The pilot and the journalist can select, for the modulations Radio tour, HF antenna, and local pilot/journalist talkback modulations, the sending in the right ear, the left ear or both at the same time.
  • Two internally adjustable amplifiers are intended to supply two LED meters for viewing HF output and talkback by the pilot (LGB110 option).
  • The external loudspeaker can be powered either by Radio Tour or another auxiliary modulation.
  • The micro-hand input stage has been modified with phantom power so that you can add micro / line switching or a multimedia interface outside.
  • The EMC input / output filters have been hardened to adapt to the new frequencies of HF transmissions.
  • The sensitivity of the three pilot microphone, journalist and micro hand inputs are adjustable from outside the box without opening the equipment.
  • All electronics and settings are integrated into the LGB605-3, VCA volume controls and assignments will be outside and will be reduced to simple knobs and switches.

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