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DEM113 Digital MPX stereo demodulator

The DEM113 is a digital stereo demodulator. It extracts left and right analog signals from a digital MPX signal and provides two 48kHz AES/EBU outputs.
Based on digital phase-locked loop technology, it provides high fidelity sound. It displays sampling frequency, digital carrier lock and pilot signal detection in real time on an OLED screen.

  • One AES/EBU 192Khz MPX digital input
  • Automatic detection and display of the input sample rate
  • One  AES/EBU "THRU" output for daisy-chaining multiple units
  • Two  AES/EBU 48Khz outputs for demodulated signal distribution
  • Real-time MPX and pilot excursion measurement
  • Left/right peakmeter
  • Left/right separation >50dB



  • FRT100: Front panel adapter for fitting one “SLIMRACK.”
  • FRT200: Rack 19" 1U front panel adapter for 2 “SLIMRACK” units.
  • FRT300: Cover plate for FRT200.

1.00 Kg
220 x 44 x 150 mm

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