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ODM413 MPX192 4-stream supervision control unit

The ODM413 allows continuous monitoring of four digital MPX sources. It is enabled to handle several types of error, divided into two groups.

  1. The first concerns the MPX content of the AES/EBU signal: the ODM413 can detect MPX global, Pilot, RDS, L+R, L-R under- and over-modulation (programmable threshold). The device also detects phase inversion between L and R.
  2. The second group concerns digital transmission: the ODM413 can check the presence of the digital carrier, link quality and sampling frequency. The user validates or rejects the checks to be carried out.

A monitoring section with integrated demodulator allows the user to control the ODM413's inputs at any time. A 24-bit 192kHz D/A converter provides a balanced analog output on a rear-panel Sub-D9 and a headphone output for signal monitoring.

4.00 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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