6 mic / line channel mixer


PMI604S is a stereophonic preamplifier mixer. It has the following characteristics:

  • Bass/Treble can be adjusted per input. It optimizes each source.
  • The balanced micro input and the peakmeter sensibility can be adjusted per input, allowing to fit all types of microphone.
  • The integrated phantom power supply allows the connection of static microphones.
  • The compressor / autofader of the micro input 1 allows the flow of priority announcements or messages on other sources.
  • The adjustable noise gate allows to free from ambiant noise.
  • The configuration of inputs in master or slave, allows to configurate a downward priority from input 1 to input 6.
  • The limiter on main output guarantes an optimum working in function with various users.
  • PMI604S is used for critical applications because of it's very low noise level on the micro inputs.



  • Premixing of microphones.
  • Micro / Line mixer in quality sound.
  • Universal mixer in audiovisual environment.
  • Automatic mixer for meeting with priority.
  • Mix of severals micros for a video recording sound.
5.00 Kg
2U - 19"
483 x 88 x 220 mm

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