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PMI808 features 8 microphone preamp boards with line level balanced output. PMI808 can be fitted with less than 8 boards. Input circuit has an excellent S/N figure, that compares favorably with studio console inputs.

A switchable phantom power supply allows the use of electrostatics microphones. Input level ranges from -60dBu to -26dBu, a peakmeter shows saturation. A switchable two bands tone corrector, allows sound color ajusting, according to particular needs. A switchable low frequequency cut filter, cancels unwanted « pops ». Opening the microphone can be remotely achieved, using a continuous loop or a start/stop pulse.

A GPO output is avalable to confirm the microphone opening using either a loop or a voltage (Switch on, opening warning light).
The frame comes with two power supplies, one for normal use, one as a spare. Switching between power supplies is manual or automatic. A special circuit, monitors the quality of supply and manage the switching in case of malfunction of the power supply or mains.



  • Microphone preamplifer.
  • Management of microphone section in front of the main console.
  • Management of several microphones such as conference rooms for congres.
  • Handling of microphone signals at line level, to avoid CEM disturbances.
10.00 Kg
3U - 19"
483 x 132 x 296 mm

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