Analog telephone hybrid


TEL300 work with any mixer featuring a N-1 channel, like Compact II, RP2000S or RP500. Mixers without N-1 channel can use an aux output. TEL300 allows:

  • To send audio from the mixer to the correspondent.
  • To mix signal from the correspondent to those in the mixer.
  • To switch between hybrid and external handset.
  • To send orders to the correspondent
  • To record the mixed output including signal from and to the correspondent (mike or line).

TEL300 goes ON AIR using the front panel switch or remotely from the mixer (continuous or pulse dry loop).

A band pass filter applied on the signal to the correspondent complies to the net template, improving anti local rejection.

Embedded 30dB/octave audio filters used on correspondent return, allows use on high frequencies very noisy analogue lines. This is mainly the case with ADSL modems.

Auto Dim allows to gradually fade the correspondent return, according to the signal sent to him.

The Telecom wiring uses RJ45 connectors (handset output on 2 RJ45 to full fill the two wiring standards).

TEL300S features automatic pick up and hang up.



  • Classic telephone insert for games, debates or conferences.
  • Use in the press room to create "documents". The only requirements are a microphone, headphones and a recording unit.
  • TEL300S version has the automatic switching to carry out long distance intervention or to connect on an order network.
3.90 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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