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Archives - Switch board for 5 telephone lines and 2 hybrids


TEL1052 routes 5 telephone lines to 2 hybrids, with duplex coupling facility.

The main case will be set in a rack, closed to the hybrids, and the remote control (using a serial connection) in the control room or near the mixing desk. The remote control, for every line, features:

  • Incoming call, light indicator, with or without sound signal.
  • Hook for making or receiving call, and conversation.
  • Waiting, the correspondant hears the broadcasted signal. Talkback sending facility using the mixing desk.
  • Routing the line to 1 of 2 or 4 hybrids.
  • Hang up.
  • TEL1052 is supplied without the telephone set.

In all cases the external hybrid control uses a dry loop (pulse or hold). A dry loop on the main case, allows to connect a stroboscope showing incoming call.

  • Input and output balanced XLR.
  • Telephone line on RJ11.
6.00 Kg
2U - 19" + pupitre (desk)

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