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Archives - Analog reporting console with 6x6 mix matrix


GEM606 is a mixable designed to make the monitoring management easier during the radio program broadcasting specially outside. GEM606 is developped to replace the whole equipment needed for the mixing, the routing, the order control and the headphone network management.

GEM606, designed accordind to a "total recall" architecture, affords to assign 6 inputs to 6 headphone type stereo outputs. The user have 4 memories to save his configurations, and can recall them at any moment. A "mute" function allows to switch the matrix into the standy mode.

  • 6 XLR line inputs.
  • 6 stereo phones outputs.
  • 2 XLR stereo outputs (bus 1and 2) or 4 mono outputs via commutation (bus 1, 2, 3, 4).
  • 4 user memories.
  • Order network with integrated micro input.
  • Monitoring function of CUE bus attribulable to the phones 6.
  • Bargraph control and monitoring of all inputs and outputs.

This equipment also exists in 8x8 matrix under GEM808 reference.

  • 8 XLR stereo inputs.
  • 8 XLR stereo line outputs.
  • 8 stereo headphone outputs.
  • Total recall function identical to GEM606.


  • Headphone monitoring management.
  • N-1 management for codec link.
  • Composite monitoring management (Wedge + headphones).


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