Reporting console with mix matrix


GEM906 is both a mixing desk providing 3 mic/line inputs, and a dispatch grid designed to ease the program routing, and monitoring when producing radio programs, specially outdoor.

GEM906 is a "total recall" design, allowing to assign and mix 6 inputs towards 6 stereo headphone like outputs and 4 balanced line output. Each input can be routed to any output. So it is very easy to build N-1 used for speakers and reporters returns.

Settings can be saved into 4 memories, and the user can recall them at anytime.

  • 3 mic/line inputs with input level, gain, bass, medium and high control.
  • Volume uses a rectilinear fader driving a VCA.
  • 3 balanced XLR line input (one is stereo).
  • 6 stereo headphones outputs.
  • 4 balanced XLR line outputs (on is stereo).
  • 4 user memories.
  • Order circuit with embedded microphone.
  • Bargraph and listening monitor of all inputs/outputs.
  • An USB audio card allows to connect a PC or to broadcast IP or 3G.



  • Headphone monitoring management.
  • N-1 management for codec link..
  • Composite monitoring management (Wedge + headphones).


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