Analog headphone amplifier


AMC502 includes a switchable 4 to 1 matrix, a controlled headphone amplifier by VCA and a double talkback Input channel.

  • The matrix comprises 4 Line stereo Input channels.
  • It is controlled either via the front panel or via remote control with return indicators, separately on the left and right channels in order to allow an easy disconnection when using satellite/local.
  • The overall VCA control is accessible either on the front panel or by remote control with an offset potentiometer.
  • The headphone Output channel is available either with a jack on the front panel or via Sub D on the rear panel.
  • AMC502 also has two talkback Input channels, one for the right ear and one for the left ear with a mono option.
  • The talkback level is programmable either via the Mic or via a Line level independently from each channel.
  • The talkbacks are validated either via the modulation release level: auto mode with integrated noise gate, or by closing a loop, manual mode.



AMC502R remotely controls the headphone amplifier AMC502, and specially the patch with 4 right and left separated inputs, the volume, and pan control for two headphones (on the rear panel)

AMC502R features the control of the cabin amplifier VCA, and the despatch of four order circuits with their associated Order Lights.A red surface shows the microphone on air.

The wiring cable is straight without connector, allowing easy fitting. The other end provides a 37 pins Sub D. Some of these pins are connected to AMC502, others are used for the Order and On Air lights. To make connection easy, AMC520E cabinet shares the 37 pins into several Sub D.


4.00 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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