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Bright indicator column


RGL300 is a bright indicator column, used in broadcast environment to show on air or off air microphones, incoming phone call etc... Use of led results in a very long life and the choice of colours. RGL 300 can be made from two to five bright rings.

- For each RGL300 you can define:

  • number of rings.
  • one of the five colours (red, green, yellow, blue or white) for each ring.
  • fix or flashing light separately for each ring.

- Buzzer is available.

- According to light environment, a switch allows two light level, according to the light in the room.

- Wiring uses RJ45, making connection to ASM100 very easy.

- ASM115 allows to interface telephone lines and to light the rings of color on the RGL300 on the detection of ringing call.

- A RJ11 can connect the telephone line, enabling incoming call display.

- RGL300 fits on the table or on the wall using a small bracket.

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