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ART864 is a programmable robot, housed in a 1U 19 inches rack, specially designed for broadcasting purposes.
Thanks to a high level language the user can develop its own specific applications. ART 864 is the perfect answer to the control needs.

Three different circuit boards are available:

  • 8 opto coupler inputs
  • 8 opto coupler outputs
  • 4 inputs + 4 outputs (opto couplers)

Using up to eight circuit boards, the user can develop its own command center. A set of leds shows the inputs/ouputs in use, allowing a perfect monitoring of the process. A dedicated SUB D interface allows a connecting several ART, for more complex process.

An extension of ART864 is available under the reference ART214. It uses the same input or ouput boards as ART864 that is to say 1 IN+ 1 OUT, 2 IN or 2 OUT.

Maximum input is 7 for each board, this increases to 64+14=78 inputs / ouputs as a maximum when using ART124 + ART864.

2.90 Kg
1U -19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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