Analog universal start / stop interface


FDI1000 is intented to solve all interface problems between various equipments. It allows:

  • Interface of GPI signal and sound machines.
  • Transforms 5V TLL to dry loops.
  • Sharing of dry loops.
  • Mutiplication of dry loops.
  • Insulation between control signal and equipment (really useful when the equipments have a common potential).
  • Translate hold to pulse signal.

The cell configuration uses front panel dip switches. The configuration can be for only one cell or shared between more cells (LINK), allowing remote control of several equipment by the same order.

A TEST facility, simulate an order, to check the cell settings, allowing problem detection. Two front panel leds show the cell state.

Command input uses an opto coupler, working with dry loop or voltage (3 to 24V DC); A positive power supply and ground are available on the input connector.

To ease connection, inputs and outputs use removable screw connectors.

3.70 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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