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Analog / Digital converter


CNA300 is an analog/digital, SLIMRACK format converter, especially designed for doing interface an analog source to digital system. It's fitted with one stereo analog balanced input (right and left) on XLR plug, and with two digital AES / EBU format output on XLR plug.

A display by led allows to adjust and to check the filling rate of the conversion. A dip switch joined with four leds, affords to select and to display the sampling rate.

  • Converter 24 bits.
  • A stereo analog audio signal can be converted into an AES / EBU digital source.
  • The sampling rate is between 32 and 96 KHz.
  • Oversampling : x128.
  • Dynamic range > 100 dB.
  • Balanced analog inputs on XLR plug
  • Independent input left / right channel control



  • FRT100: Front panel adapter for fitting one “SLIMRACK.”
  • FRT200: Rack 19" 1U front panel adapter for 2 “SLIMRACK” units.
  • FRT300: Cover plate for FRT200.
1.60 Kg
220 x 44 x 150 mm

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