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RP2000S : Modular Broadcast Console

RP2000S is a modular console specially designed for broadcast.
Very high quality , made in France, RP2000S results of acknowledged knowhow in professional broadcasting.

Its main quality is first of all its outstanding sound quality, and its modular approach: each module (front panel + rear connectors) can be removed separately.

RP2000S uses latest technologies. All input modules use VCA (voltage control amplifier), the audio signal does not pass thought the fader nor the switches!




Available in 11 and 14, modules slot in frames, 8, 16, 24, 32 modules desktop frame, it fulfils all situations and requirements. As a proof, RP2000S is already used by many of the most important radio stations in France and Europe.

A digital AES/EBU or SPDIF input, and a digital AES/EBU output with synchronised signals offer even more flexibility. RP2000S half way between analog and digital audio, makes the maximum profit of these technologies.

The plus :

Two possibilities to open the channel and start the associated machine:
- Using the key: The fader is open, using the key.
- Using the fader: Key is on, sliding the fader (Fader low, the light in the key is half lighted. The user checks the console states in a blink. Furthermore, the are remotely controlled, allowing to send a sound on air, from a speak cabinet).
The microphone module allows two buses for "ON AIR" signal : 1, to the sudio or speak cabinet and 2, to the control room. Cue of each module is remotable, it is possible to send order to the control room using the speak microphone! Interconnection of the modules uses a flat wire, avoiding poor ontacts in bottom rack connectors.

The extras :

RP2000S features two separate mix stereo buses.Thus it is possible to broadcast a program, while recording, using PGM2 (recording for further broadcasting, recording phone calls, without loss of bandwith on the presenter channel). RP2000S is not only a concentrate of functions, it is also the hearth of your installation.

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Inputs modules
Two inputs (selection on front panel), sensitivity control, balance control, 3 band equalizer, 2 stereo AUX sends pre/post fader, open channel control, CUE switch for pre-monitoring, inputs / outputs remote control for the RP2000S and other equipment, a 100 mm linear potentiometer and, above all, VCA gain control for clear perfect sound. .
rmt2001 rmt2001 Micro channel equiped with a second line type input. Easily switchable, the line input can be connected to a little used equipment without using another channel Balanced micro input on XLR plug, with phantom power supply 48 Volts and insert point.

Stereo balanced line input on XLR plugs. The input level is configurable between micro or line level.
rmt2005 rmt2006 rmt2005 These channels allow a maximum use of sources in minimum of space.

Their multistand inputs (balanced, unbalanced) allow connection to all types of sources.

Two stereo line inputs: balanced on XLR plugs, unbalanced on RCA plugs.

Available with or without equalizer.
LINE 1 / LINE 2 : RMT2005 / RMT2006
rmt2054 rmt2054 - Allows to use several microphones with only one input module. ON AIR lamp is controled directely or via sub group.

- Allows to connect an external mixer with more microphones (PMI304 or PMI604S).

- Connection to the sub group allows to process all voices.

- Record output with remote control, allows voice recording.

rmt2007 rmt2008 rmt2007 - Direct digital connection of all your equipment (CD, Sound Card...). The wiring is simplified and the sound is more homogenous (same convertor for each source)

- Balanced analog input on XLR plugs. AES / EBU or S/PDIF digital inputs with sampling frequency display.

- Digital audio input: a D/A 24 bit converter with top quality emphasis control build inside the channel.

Available with or without equalizer.
Output Modules
The RP2000S is the answer to the most specific of needs and comes with several output modules.
rmt2052 rmt2052 - The modulation sending to ANT output can be selected between Master Bus modulation or External Sat input.

- Output levels are adjustable by multiturn trimmers.

- Master Bus modulation and Sat modulation can be prelistened to monitoring section.

- AUX return with ANT/ PGM2 routing.

- Internal (N-1) management dedicated to external hybrid.
The (N-1) modulation can be routed to ANT or PGM2.

- Adjustable return level on caller modulation.

- Integrated remote control for external hybrid.

- Obligatory output
rmt2052 rmt2052

- The modulation sending to speak studio output and headphone output can be selected between ANT, PGM2, Tuner modulations.

- Tuner return with adjustable level.

- The modulation sending to control room output can be selected between ANT, PGM2, Tuner, Ext modulations.

- The cue function has priority over the others.

- Dedicated outputs for "ON AIR" control room and speak studio visualization.

- Obligatory output

rmt2054 rmt2054

Input :

- Choice of analog input or fitted USB card
- Same functions as other input module

Output :

- Digital output AES / EBU with antenna or usb select
- Record output for both USB and analog out. Antenna or PGM2 select.

The RMT2012 is fitted with a second USB card to connect to an another input module.

rmt2051 RMT2001 FAR - Second external hybrid management with full duplex coupling.

- Sending orders to2 callers.

- Standby modulation output compatible with external hybrid like TEL 400 or TEL 1000.

- Adjustable record output with modulation selection (ANT, PGM2, TUNER, EXT).
Desktop Consoles  
8 - 16 - 24 - 32 modules  
RMT2060 Led Bargraph vumeter

Can be set on CUE, ANTENNA, PGM2 or MONITOR buses
RMT2066 Led Bargraph Phasemeter

Can be set on CUE, ANTENNA, PGM2 or MONITOR buses
RMT2061 Remote control
RMT2061 Needle Vumeter

Can be set on CUE, ANTENNA, PGM2 or MONITOR buses
The fitted
11 - 14 modules

RMT2056 : 11 Modules


Encastr. : 430x475 mm / Rack 19" - 1U

RMT2057 : 14 Modules


Encastr. : 545x475 mm

rmt2063 Fitted Led Vumeter

Rack 19" - 1U
rmt2062 Desktop led vumeter
But also

Rackable power supply - 2U - 19"


Headphone Amplifier

Input modules remote control


Scriptboard (writing case)


Linear potentiometers with carbon or plastic track


Input channel remote control for Speak Table

Switching unit for save power supply

Selector remote control

Allow selection of 1 over 10 stereo balanced source on a SEL 104-2

rp2000 rp2000 rp2000
rp2000 rp2000 rp2000
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