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PRT100 is inserted in a mono or stereo balanced connection, to add talk back. So it is the perfect add on to a mixing desk without talk back feature. PRT100 also can be used in the headphone distribution, for talkback sending.

When used with a codec in the final despatch, it allows remote communication.

It features a front panel electrostatic gooseneck microphone, and a DB15 on the rear panel. The microphone sensivity ranges from -35dBu to -60dBu, for perfect matching to working conditions, and a limiter, with led indicator, avoids any overload.

Sub D15 features balanced input and output, the power supply, and a remote control of talk back sending.
Talk back insertion uses analog switches (avoiding all parasitic noises) and fades the main program (22dB) but does not cut it.

When using stereo, user inserts talk back in both channel or only right or left.

0.60 Kg
Pupitre / desk
115 x 130 x 45 mm

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