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PRT668 is designed for simultaneous translation in radio and TV. It features:

  • One ultra low noise microphone preamplifier with input level control and three line level balanced outputs. Option: 48V phantom supply.
  • In simultaneous translation, the same people translate the two languages, language 1 to language 2 for the foreign guest and language 2 to language 1 for broadcasting.
  • PRT668 features 2 lighted switches with memory to switch the two language outputs. Actuating one of the switches, enable the require audio, and disable talkback.
  • Two GPO loops one for each channel, allow remote control.
  • A fugitive talback key, allows the translator to send order to the control room, using a third output. When pressed this key cuts the other outputs, return to normal on release.
  • A GPI allows to send an external control to mute at the same time the two languages output (1 and 2).
  • An ON AIR indicator, enabled by the PRT668, or from the control room.
  • One balanced stereo program input to feed the embedded headphone amplifier.
  • The headphone amplifier features a volume control and a balance between the external program (return from control room) and the signal from the microphone. Some translators prefer to hear themselves, others no.
  • A talkback system, with program fade. Fade is activated by order signal or external loop or both.
  • Talkback can be sent to both earphones, or either left or right.
1.00 Kg
Pupitre / Desk
115 x 130 x 45 mm

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