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AES digital audio modulation monitoring


CSS201 is design for continuous monitoring of stereo digital audio signals. Embedded to a broadcast installation, should the main signal disappear. it allows automatic switch to a backup digital signal, and automatic return to the main signal when the problem is cleared.

As well as the audio switch, CSS201 switches a RS232 main/backup to insure continuity of data such as RDS.

Should power supply disappear, the bypass switches the digital input to the digital output, according to the main/backup config in use before the supply loss. This config will be recall on supply return.

The monitor section, allows input/output check using an headphones and bargraph.

A green (normal) /red (backup) indicator on the front panel shows the equipment state, an the user can manually switch the unit to the desired output signal.

  • Digital AES/EBU input /output on transformer.
  • Digital input sample rate up to 96KHz, no transfer delay.
  • Inputs/outputs 48KHz sample rate. An internal sample rate converter (SRC) allows to synchronize all digital inputs at 48KHz.
  • No alteration of associated data (index, text...) 
  • Digital carrier monitoring for quality and audio, adjustable from -60dBFs to 0 dBFs. On audio loss CSS201 goes on alarm after adjustable delay.
  • Full management of the unit uses the embedded web server. It keeps record of the last twenty events, of frames informations in real time, and the state of the switch. A front panel switch recall the factory IP address and a USB port is used for firmware update.
  • The remote monitoring of the equipment can be carried through the SNMP agent. Possibility of sending traps in V2c or V2c Inform format.
  • Synchronization of the internal clock by SNTP.
  • Two relays report supply cuts, a third one for alarm and switch to backup.
  • CSS201 is 19-inch, 1 U.
  • Option SD: The Additional input audio backup via SD card. This allows a second possible continuity program if the emergency chain is also in default.

 This equipment is available under different versions:

  • CSS201 pack 01: CSS201 with one power supply only.
  • CSS201 pack 02: CSS201 with an additional backup power supply (unavailable with SD option)
  • CSS201 pack 03: CSS201 with one power supply and a card SD option  (unavailable with two power supplies option).
  • CSS205: analog input, analog backup input and analog output.
  • CSS404: analog or digital input, analog or digital  backup input and analog and digital output.
3.70 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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