Production and broadcast mixing desk


Analog and digital console broadcast!

RP500 is the very last mixing desk from the French company RAMI.
It features the same advanced top technology of RP2000 and Compact which are well-known on professionnal area, the first choice for broadcast professional thanks to the VCA  used with linear faders, to preserve the audio quality.

It fills a gap for user with restricted space, numerous functions, wide range of inputs including direct USB, and AES/EBU output.
The 8U size allows to install in a rack or a middle size control room.

Antenna output is double, balanced analog XLR and digital AES/EBU XLR. In digital surrounding, the analog output can be used for antenna continuous recording.

RP 500 also includes a second true balanced XLR output for recording, or a second program. That one can be choosed on each input channel and hybrid return. So it is possible to handle both an audio to antenna, and a recording with another audio at the same time.

The control room balanced XLR audio allows to listen antenna audio, or to cue each input channel. This output is switched off when open the main microphone, avoid audio feedback.
The studio output is the same as a antenna output.

RP500 features a unique channel for the main speaker, with tone controls, one output for hybrid, and a ON/OFF key for fast action. This channel can switch a ON AIR light

The external specific hybrid channel  allows to send each input. Return can be sent to antenna , or the second output, or both.

The large cue and antenna peakmeter scale complying IEC 268-10/1, is a true measure instrument allowing to supply a  calibrated audio output. Digital saturation indicators, contribute to measure efficiency.


Besides the excellent audio quality, the key point is the use of gyrators tone control. This allows to increase the frequency desired, without change the higher and lower part of the audio spectrum. These extreme frequencies are troublesome when they are amplified. The gyrators tone controls, allow much better clarity and sound accuracy.

This is specially sensitive on voices, when it increases medium or high, will not add noise, nor undesirable energy in higher frequencies. By the same way, to increase loud will not result in pop effect for the microphone.

This is the technology used in very high quality equalizers.


Net weight: 8 Kg 200
Packed weight: 12 Kg

Console size: 8U / 19" - 483 x 355 x 78 mm
Fitting size: 445 x 348 mm
Power supply size: 220 x 44 x 100 mm                                                                        

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