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Archives - 16 channels stereo vumeter


CAV216 an extra peripheral for the 8X8 patch GEM808. CAV216 allows to display continuously the 8 input and output levels.

The arrangement by four  helps for localisation of input or output to monitor. A CUE key sends the signal from each input to the output circuit, allowing quality monitoring using a headphone, or on a balanced output (line level). A phase control is also included on the output circuit.

The signal is sampled on the line to be monitored, a connector sends the signal from operation. Display is as peakmeter, and internal jumpers adjust the 0dB level to 0dBu, +6 dBu, +12dBu, or +14dBu (settable for each channel). The peakmeter time constant is also adjustable.

4.00 Kg
2U - 19"
483 x 88 x 230 mm

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