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EXT202 is a top range dual amplifier which allows to interface two audio units working with different levels while it keeps the signal quality very high.


  • In mono mode, the source signal can be either the left channel or both left and right mixed channels.
  • Output levels can be set independently (left and right channels) by cermet multi-turn potentiometers.
  • XLR balanced Inputs / Outputs. Two different options of electronically or transformer-balanced Inputs are available. Transformer balanced outputs.
  • Built-in generator, adjustable in frequency and level which prove very useful to calibrate a LS line.
  • The Input and all Outputs are monitored by bargraph meter and Headphones.
  • Unbalanced output on rear panel, reflecting the modulation on the bargraph and in the headphones for a single or overall monitoring.
  • The units are provided with an "Earth Lift" switch to decouple and isolate the audio and mechanical grounds of our units from the supply earth, and therefore avoid ground loop problem.
  • Very high input and output level (+26 dBu) before clipping.


Three possible configurations:

  • One stereo input routed to one stereo send.
  • One mono input routed to two mono sends.
  • One stereo input reduced to mono and routed to two mono sends.
4.00 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 230 mm

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