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The combination of the PJO400 and IPB100 modules allows both the audio transmission and reception by IP. It was specially designed for sport broadcasting.

The interest of this PJO400 and IPB100 set is that it uses only one IP audio connection for both direction of signal transmission. Full duplex commands, conveyed at the same time as the audio signal allow to switch both the audio noble channels and the talkback channels on a single IP connection.
Microphone opening and talkback requests on PJO400 will only be etaken into account on the IBP100 validation feedback. Similarly, IBP100 will switch the PJO400 “ON AIR” red indicator remotely from the studio.

  • One equipment is required for each remote PJO400. 
  • XLR balanced input to send antenna signal to PJO400.
  • XLR balanced output to send PJO400 signal to antenna.
  • XLR balanced input to send talkback to PJO400.
  • XLR balanced output to send talkback from PJO400.
  • Talkback microphone input on the front panel.
  • Integrated IP Codec.

IPB100s may be coupled together through a bus link, which allows easy connection to the broadcast console having only a single send input, a single return output and a general talkback return.

2.00 Kg
1U - 19
483 x 44 x 230

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