Analog telephone hybrid


TEL150 is a telephone hybrid designed to be adapted to any console as a result of its multi]function flowchart for organising debates, conferences, games or just speeches made by members of the audience.

TEL150 is inserted between the mixing desk Output channel ("SEND" Output channel COMPACTII console, RP500...) and the console return ("RETURN" Input channel); it allows:

  • The console signal to be sent to the caller.
  • The caller's interventions to be mixed with the console signal.
  • The reversal of the hand set with the insert.
  • Talkbacks to be sent to the caller.
  • Just the caller to be heard.
  • Standard telecom wiring on RJ11 socket.

The use of a band]pass filter on the caller's cue allows the compliance with the overall specifications of the network, whilst improving the S/N ratio.



  • It can be inserted in a stereo cue on mixing desks which do not have a specific INSERT channel.
  • It can be used as a by]pass on mixing desks whith have a specific INSERT channel like COMPACT II, RP 2000S or RP500...
2.40 Kg
1U - 19"
483 x 44 x 100 mm

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